eSmart Libraries

Being an eSmart Library means that we are fully equipped to connect library users with the skills they need for the smart, safe and responsible use of technology.

024 GVRLC Shepparton 10-08-2016

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation and the Telstra Foundation formed a partnership in 2012 to develop and implement eSmart Libraries - one of Australia’s most significant community cyber safety initiatives.

The eSmart Libraries Framework is a comprehensive system providing skills and resources for libraries to confidently manage cyber-issues and continue to embrace the positive aspects of online activity.

Benefits include:

  • We have integrated cyber-safety in our policies, agreements, staff development, organisational culture, training and day to day operations.
  • Being an eSmart Library helps our staff improve their guidance and training for library users. Users gain the skills they need to use digital technologies confidently and safely to get the best out of digital technology and avoid cyber-risks.
  • eSmart helps reduce the digital divide by empowering staff and users to increase knowledge and skills to navigate the online world in a safe, smart and responsible way.
  • eSmart Libraries is an extension of a proven model. eSmart Schools was based on a well-researched approach to behaviour change and has been rolled out to more than 2,000 schools with very successful results. 
  • The eSmart Libraries framework enables flexibility so that we can tailor it to suit our community.
  • We are taking deliberate steps to manage potential breaches, educate our library community and up-skill staff to model responsible online behaviour.

For more information

For more details about the eSmart Libraries Framework, please contact us, or visit the eSmart Libraries website.