No Fines For Overdue Books!

Santa comes early to the Library!

Goulburn Valley Libraries will no longer charge fines for overdue books, DVD’s or any item borrowed from a Goulburn Valley Library and returned late to the library!

The CEO of Goulburn Valley Libraries, Kevin Preece said, “Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa has come early to the library.   Beginning today, fines for books and other items that people have borrowed from a Goulburn Valley Library and failed to return on time will no longer apply! 

"We still want people to return their books or DVD’s on time to ensure that as many items as possible are available to our patrons, but we don’t want to stop people from coming or make them feel like villains because they have missed their due return date.

"Also, we already don’t have overdue fines for our great range of eBooks, eAudiobooks or eMagazines that you can borrow on line for free!

"Overdue fines are a real problem for people who cannot afford to pay, and then discourage them from participating at the Library.  And, on Christmas Day we will also forgive all overdue fine debt so that those patrons can start borrowing again!

"Items not returned are considered “lost” and patrons will still be expected to pay for the replacement.”

So…..if you return that item that’s been sitting at home and you have been too scared to return it….. no fines will apply, even if its been years!

If you have genuinely lost a book but want to start borrowing again, we want you back. Speak to one of our friendly library staff and we can work something out.

You can always make a donation to your library - it’s tax deductible!  Every dollar invested in your library returns over $4 of value to the community.

Mr Preece added, “Libraries change lives everyday, and we are very happy to be giving this present to our community.”

Happy Christmas from GV Libraries!